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Ellen's Select
These are stories that have caught my interest, one way or another.

P.J. Wright's series, For Lisa, Sins Of The Flesh, and Forced Perspective.

The Girl In My Dreams by Andy Hollis.

These Lives We Seek by Myria.

Anything by Melissa Virus, including This Is What It's Like and You Miss Things.

Noel by Christopher Leeson.

Coincidences, author unknown.

And Now A Word From Our Sponsors by Pretzelgirl.

Overlap, by Joan Banks.

Diary Of A Mad Scientist, and Suicide Is Painless, both by Mark Gooley.

Trading Faces, or Call It A Weakness, by Bek D Corbin.

The excellent Jordan Winters series by Bek D. Corbin, the first three of which are Town And Gown, One Blackmail Ring To Rule Them All, and Birds Of A Feather.
The others are available at the present time at Sapphire's Place.

Rachel's Curse, by Phil Stevens.

The Reluctant Girlfriend 1 and 2, by Melanie Brown. Others are available, but IMO not nearly as good as the first two.

Wild Horses, by Rebecca A.

Transcending The Role, Frank Downey.