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Last Release Date: 26 July 2013 [regular] / 19 July 2012 [Seasons]
Episodes in Production: 4.9 / 1.2
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Next Estimated Release Date: real soon in September
Seasons: part 24: er. Unknown.


The Collected Writings

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The Saga of Tuck

Official Distribution and Archive Site of the laughingly-titled 'Saga of Tuck'!

"And no need for most of the shite that comes with TG stories: stereotyping of women's role and character, bizarre Barbie-like physical characteristics and a heavy focus on sex (or should that be sexual gratification?)."

"[Tuck is] a web of teenage lust and intrigue."

"I have been reading TG fiction since fall 1975. In all that time, YOU are the only writer, In ANY GENRE, that has written that BREAST[s] hurt when STRUCK!!"

"I'm currently reading Regina's Song by David and Leigh Eddings and say to myself after almost every page, 'Shit, they should get lessons in writing dialog from Ellen.' The characters prattle back and forth in truely lame and contrived scenarios."

Heartless Bitches said:
"This is a free online book, found here: [here] about the coming of age, in contemporary America, of a pack of heartless-bitches-in-the-making teenagers. The theme of this book is the crossdressing and transsexualism of the main character, but the virtuous reader need not worry, there is no description of icky porn within these pages. There are instead emotions (intense, realistic, sometimes violent), humour (lots of it), even romance (as seen by a true HB through a teen's eyes). The characters have real depth, realistic behaviors and feelings, and the dialogue rings true and packs a lot of punch. You wish and dread at the same time you had experienced such a childhood. Everything in this ongoing series has an extremely low political-correctness value and a very high intelligence content."

> PS - Used the word "chambray" over the weekend. No one else had heard
> of it and I played the "what? it's totally common knowledge" card.
> Thank you Tuck for helping me be annoying, yet again.

  1. Tucked In
  2. Tuckered Out
  3. Tuck Flap and Seal
  4. Tuck Foy
  5. Well, This Tucks
  6. Fresh out of Tuck
  7. Tuck and Cover
  8. Tucky Break
  9. Walks Like a Tuck
  10. Tuck Tuck Goose!
  11. Tucker Factor
  12. Tuck Soup
  13. Situation Normal - All Tucked Up
  14. Tucker Up!
  15. Things Are Really Tucked Up
  16. Tuck In a Rut
  17. Just Tucky
  18. Mind Tuck
  19. Oh Tucky Day
  20. Well and Truly Tucked
  21. Tuck and Roll
  22. Tuck in the Mud
  23. As Tuck Would Have It
  24. S'Tuck
  25. Tuck and Run
  26. Tuck Hunting
  27. A'Tuck Time
  28. The Final Cut
  29. Another Brick In The Wall, Part Two
  30. Tuck In The Middle With You
  31. Keep On Tuckin'
  32. Tuck Blind
  33. Tucky Charm
  34. Fresh Outta Tuck
  35. Tuckin' In The Woods
  36. Tuck Bill
  37. Tucky Seven
  38. Tuckin' Around
  39. Tuck Light
  40. Peeking Tuck
  41. Migrating Tuck
  42. Tucked Up Beyond All Recognition
  43. Careful With That Axe, Eugene
  44. Tuck Feet
  45. Tuck Stop
  46. Hockey Tuck
  47. Allotment of Tuck
  48. Tuck My Marbles And Go Home
  49. Tucked Around
  50. Tucker Up Baby
  51. Tuck of the Draw
  52. Tuck 'Em Up
  53. Tucking a Holiday
  54. Raising a Tuckus
  55. Tuck It Easy
  56. Tuck a Break
  57. Tucky Guess
  58. Get Tucky Tonight
  59. What A Tucking Mess
  60. Tuck A Walk On The Wild Side
  61. A Complete Tuckup
  62. Some People Make Their Own Tuck
  63. Pillow Tuck
  64. Tucknical Difficulties
  65. Tuck Walk
  66. An E-Tucker Ride
  67. Tucker Punched
  68. Hard Tuck Case
  69. Tuck Down
  70. Tuck Your Hair Back
  71. Tuck A Moment To Think
  1. Bush Tucker
  2. Off-Road Tuck
  3. Tuckin' For Granted
  4. Tuckled Pink
  5. Tucked Again
  6. Tuck On The Wing
  7. Low Tuck
  8. Reach Out And Tuck Someone
  9. Delivery Tuck
  10. Tuck A Number
  11. Tick Tuck
  12. Tuck Eggs
  13. Tuck With Meals
  14. High Tuck
  15. Tuck A Good Look
  16. Tucked Silly
  17. Tuck In A Show
  18. Tuck Your Medicine
  19. Tuck As Directed
  20. Little Tucklings
  21. Tuck Me Down Slow And Easy
  22. Tuck A Picture
  23. Tuck In A Game
  24. Tuck Support
  25. Tuck It All Off
  26. Tuck A Day Off
  27. Tuck To The Hills
  28. Tuck In The Laundry
  29. Mother Tucker
  30. Tuck Your Lumps
  31. Tuck A Cheap Shot
  32. The Tuck Stops Here
  33. Goodbye Cruel World
  34. The Happiest Days Of Our Lives
  35. Let There Be More Light
  36. Burning Bridges
  37. Paranoid Eyes
  38. One Of These Days
  39. Take Up Thy Stethoscope And Walk
  40. The Gunner's Dream
  41. Absolutely Curtains
  42. Stay
  43. One Slip
  44. Hey You
  45. On The Turning Away
  46. Free Four
  47. Tuck You Long Enough
  48. Tucks To Be Me
  49. Tuck Two Aspirin And...
  50. Tuck That Back
  51. Hardtuck
  52. Tuck Your Places
  53. Monster Tuck
  54. Tuck Or Treat
  55. Tuck It Like A Man
  56. Tuck Another Look
  57. Tuck Some More
  58. Tucky In Love
  59. Pick Up Tuck
  60. Tuck It Away
  61. Tuck Off A Mark
  62. Tucker To The Ballet
  63. Tuck Another Piece Of Pie
  64. Tuck And Sired
  65. Tuck Another Day Off
  66. Tuck Me Home
  67. Tuck And Turn
  68. Tuck The Consequences
  69. Tuck Of Many Things
  70. Pass The Tuck
  71. One More Tucked Up Holiday

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(does not include the special Valentine's Day episode)

Tuck Valentine's Day (And After)
  1. Tucker Home For Valentine's Day
    - The Tuck special Valentine's Day episode
  2. Tuck Another Chance
  3. Tucker Home Again
  4. All Day Tucker
  5. Tuck O'Salad
  1. Tuckling Pig
  2. Tuck The Party
  3. Have A Private Tuck
  4. New! Tuck Some Notes


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