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Date Last Modified: 27 January 2008

Date Last Checked: 27 January 2008

Thanks to: Firefox and its Add-On writers

I mentioned in a recent Tucknote that I was changing the links page.
I did.

The old links page is here. It has not been updated.
The single-page incarnation of the new links page is here. It's very ugly as I write this; I need to make some shell scripts.
The multi-page sort-of-like-Yahoo-I-think version, made by Debian package "bk2site", is here. I think this is ugly too, and I hate the format, but others may like it better than one big file.

There are at least one thousand six hundred (1,600) one thousand seven hundred (1,700) different links on the new pages. I don't especially feel like that's "enough", so feel free to send me any links you think I should have. Also, new categories might be a good idea as well; if you have an idea, send it.

I would very much like to know how I could duplicate HTML anchors inside a Firefox bookmark list, and have them transfer... Because, right now I've got a few deliberately duplicated links, and I also have NO way to make cross-references. #*$*&#%@^.

If you think you can read the man page for 'bk2site' and come up with something closer to my original design, definitely let me know. I haven't played with it; I've been categorizing and sorting and stripping-bullshit-header-information and rechecking link validity and so on.

To repeat myself: the reason I am doing this, is that manually adding a link onto the old links page was enough of a pain that I rarely bothered - and never with my own links from my own browsing. That seemed Stupid. Of course, I don't want to give some bedamned marketing website (say,, owned by Yahoo) my list of links, because they will Commit Evil with it. And bookmark files are nearly simple... they ought to be transferable and change-able and all that. And, they are, to some degree, I found.

What I wanted (and still want), is to be able to add bookmarks at will during my normal usage, check them all whenever I feel like it, and periodically put the whole complete package on the webserver in a nice old-school doesn't-drop-cookies-doesn't-track-your-browsing sort of way.

So: I

I thought about doing the next steps, but then I decided to put up the current phase and see what other brains could come up with. I'm not actually a programmer, unfortunately; otherwise I'd have done these already.

Things left to do:

Ideally, it would be: 1) export bookmark file from Iceweasel; 2) shell script (not Java, Ruby, Python, C, assembly, ADA, Fortran, Pascal...) to convert, generate, and move all the files; 3) shell script (using sed a lot, I bet) to prettify/make-sane/make-match the files; 4) upload entire mess to webserver. I like firebreaks, which is why 2 and 3 and 4 must be separate.

90% done, 90% to go... -----

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