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The Journal

5 July 2002

If you've been coming to this site for a while, then you'll have noticed that things have changed. There's reasons.

First of all, the site is not moving in the direction I intended it to move, the last time I moved or made major changes. Rather than attempt to do what others are doing better, I snipped most of the transsexual stuff out. I will try and fill in the gaps with links and files later, as I have time and energy.

Second, a check of server logs told me that a few too many pictures were going out. There's no reason to have that many graphics going on - around 10% of my bandwidth was going to 'cute' graphics on pages. I've tried to cut those down for the most part.

Third, a number of bad experiences this year have told me that I was once again being too open about myself and my life, and therefore the easiest thing for me to do is to wipe out the previous site-system and start over. I may or may not add more in future. Don't beg; it's demeaning to you and makes me think less of you.