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I have a PayPal account set up to accept donations.

Clicking on the image below will take you to a PayPal page. Please note, this is PayPal, not me; I don't get the information asked-for, they do.

Further note: this is a GIFT. I do not qualify for a tax-exempt status [503(c) in the US], so this is not a tax-deductible contribution for you. And, you are not going to receive anything for this gift.
That's why it's called a 'gift' and not a 'fee' or a 'purchase'.

On the other hand, I get at least 90% of the money, which is a far better percentage to the one(s) that need it, than you could get with just about any other charitable contribution.

This SHOULD bring you to a secure-page PayPal site.

If the link does not work, and you have an account with PayPal, go to PayPal's site and send it to the email address of "donations" here at this site, which I won't write down because of spam address harvesters.

One further note:
I may be hallucinating here, but... The fee structure for PayPal donations seems to be about 2.8% plus $0.30 (US), per transaction. So, if you are for some reason thinking about sending $10 every month, DON'T. I'll get more of the money if you save it up and send it as a lump sum, say in six months.

[ $10 - (2.8%) - 0.30 = $9.42 ] x 6 = $56.52, a loss of $3.48
$60 - (2.8%) - 0.30 = $58.02 , a loss of $1.96

Not that much, I suppose, but them cents add up.