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This site is a showcase for the meanderings of Ellen Hayes, a net ghost who has no real existence.

Ellen Hayes is mostly famous for her Tuck series, which is available first and fastest here.

There may be other things available.

The site is hand-coded in roughly HTML 3.2, and is optimized for no browser. The site should be completely accessible to the blind, and requires no plugins to use. The site can be viewed in Lynx or with images turned off. The site and its pages are optimized for speed of loading and low bandwidth.

As far as I know, all images on this site are public domain; feel free to steal them. If they aren't, and you can PROVE it in some fashion, then they will be removed.

Privacy policy:
The only information kept by Ellen Hayes is the Referred-To tag your browser sends upon requesting an HTML file; this information is not tracked or linked to anything else, including what pages you visited or your IP address.
The extent of the information kept by the hosting service is not known, but is assumed to be none-at-all.
This policy may change at any time without warning, especially if someone decides to try and kill my site using DoS attacks or other trickery.